Martin Beck Matustik, Midrash on How the Pasts Will Have Remembered their Future

The Center for Jewish Studies (Tempe campus) and the Center for Critical Inquiry a Cultural Studies (CCICS, West campus), together with the faculty research cluster in Philosophy, Rhetoric a Literature convened an university-wide event with distinguished scholars from the United States and Europe who, together with scholars from ASU, discussed the relationship between trauma, memory, representation, memorialization and education. Contributing perspectives from a variety of geographical locales and transdisciplinary approaches, leading scholars of Holocaust studies reflected on conflicted sites of memory with specialists in genocide studies, postcolonial studies, East European Studies, Native American studies and trauma studies. Anticipating Arizona’s centennial celebration in 2012, the symposium also highlighted some of the Southwest’s legacies connected to global and local memory. This event was supported by an ACLS conference grant and all major program units in the humanities at ASU. This event was part of the Arizona State University Project Humanities 2011: “The Humanities at a Crossroads: Perspectives on Place.” See "Professor rediscovers his past – and gains a new life, October 26, 2011."

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