Episode 117: Ep.130 Alternative Lifestyles Part 4

This week we are just never satisfied are we? There is always some itch that needs scratching, some desire yet to be fulfilled, some patch of grass just ever so slightly more green. Never fear, join Mike and Danny as they seek out new vistas - this time it will work, this time we will discover the promised land, settle down with our partner(s) of choice, grow goats and herd root vegetables. What do you mean “what’s the wifi like?”??? No, there won’t be Netflix and it won’t be a convenient walk to the nearest shopping mall! This is gods damn utopia we are talking about here, who are you to question it?? What the hell do you people want? Danny and I have worked very hard to help create an ideal world for you to inhabit and now you say it’s not good enough? Right, well, get out, go on, sod off out of it and form your own utopia - good luck to you. Er… will yours have beer and snacks? Room for two more?

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