Ep. 76 Nietzsche Part 1

This week we drop the N bomb! That’s right, a philosopher so hip and down with the kids that Danny and Mike feel ill equipped to take him on unaided. Yes, this week calls for skill, daring, panache and certain “she’ll be right” to bring it off. In the face of wicked fascist sisters, well dressed and cold free women and the death of your deity of choice we felt we had no choice but to call in Dr Neso from her palace hideaway nestled deep in the uncharted territories of the lands at the edge of the world. Listen, with Google translate at the ready, as Dr Neso exhorts us to embrace Nietzsche, to stare into the abyss with eyes wide open and to frolic with Dionysus. Go ahead, it’s all fine, listen carefully but draw the curtains against prying eyes.

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