Ep. 54 Locke, Hobbes and Hume

This week we ask the question, “what do we bring to the party?” If Danny brings bottles of beer does he simply bring the shape, weight and the number of bottles and then leaves me to do all the heavy lifting adding the perception of colour, flavour, smell and taste? Does John Locke allow us to have our objective cake and eat it? Do we get excited when we begin to understand how systems work and connect or would we rather be told without having to know how? Who were the podcasters of the Enlightenment? All of this and that popular empiricist sensation 'The 5 Senses’ at the start of their major European tour. Sign up now and show how hip you are. Also, as an added bonus for our Facebook followers, weep for joy as long lost footage of Danny and Mike in their first starring role on the small screen is rediscovered, restored and transmitted directly to your senses of both sound and vision for your unbounded joy. Kindness is still alive in this tired old world.

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