Ep.46 History of Philosophy: The Renaissance, Humanism and the Rise of Science Part 4

This week the Enlightenment swaggers into a bar with its shirt unbuttoned to the chest and a big old medallion on the go, “Check me out guys!” it says. Is its brazen confidence justified or when the last dance is had will it be going home alone by the end of the 19th century? Is reason simply god in a lab coat carrying a clipboard? How retro is that last reference to a clipboard? Does god deliver and if she does do you get your miracle for free if it doesn’t arrive within 30 mins? Be amazed at the revelation of Wittgenstein (yes him) turning his back on the Vienna Circle - moody teenager or a man already fed-up with the Tractatus? Tune in and drop-out guys, let’s build our own utopia right here, who’s with us!?

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