#55: The sisterhood of the female experience over prices of kerosene

I read "The female of the species" by Gauri Deshpande. Last episode we read about flying penises that don't quite fly. This episode is an epic Indian confessional poet writing about the daily experience of being a woman and finding comfort in mundane domesticity with a community of other women.  Listen in!  The poem I read is from: http://daak.co.in/passionate-warriors-weary-wars-gauri-deshpandes-confessional-poetry/  The host, Ravneet Bawa as -   @two_thirds_beneath on Instagram   @maikeya on Twitter   Email: ravneet_bawa@icloud.com Disclaimer: This podcast is created for sharing with friends and family, and only as a passion project amidst the Covid lockdown with no commercial interest. In all episodes I read from sources on the public internet or from books I possess. The commentary is all my own.

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