#44 - A poem for the all and none of life in our homes

In this episode, I read "Life's Work" by Brenda Shaugnessey. It is a simple poem really, some might call it pedestrian. But doing so is to not engage with all the confessional poetry coming out of the life and rumination of so many women who spend their lives living within the confines of their home, talking to objects as people come and people go. It is possible and often the case that we reject the lived experiences of homemakers as being of little cultural importance. I find this not only discriminatory but also diminishing for all of humanity. Apart from the fact that these situation exist because of centuries of historical, economic imperatives with imbalances built into them, there is also the fact that there has been little action to reverse it. And refusing to engage with the demographic is in my eyes a disservice far worse. An adjacent thought is also how the richness of inner lives, the evolution of personal philosophy does not germinate uniquely from the traditional experience of going far and out for work and exploration, an interior exploration is just as rich. And if it is weary, so is the weariness of a life of economic reasons and social norms. Listen in!         The poem I read can be accessed though The Paris Review Daily Poem newsletter. You can sign up for it online. The host, Ravneet Bawa as -   @one_third_above on Instagram   @maikeya on Twitter   Email: ravneet_bawa@icloud.com                            Disclaimer: This podcast is created for sharing with friends and family, and only as a passion project amidst the Covid lockdown with no commercial interest. In all episodes I read from sources on the public internet or copies of books I possess. The commentary is all my own.

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