#28 - A poem about conversations that tug at you long after they are over

In this episode I read Arun Sagar's - Undertow from the Nether Quarterly Journal. Some poems take a narrow experience and express it with such a vivid image that you begin to associate the image with the experience ever after. Emily Dickinson's poem from episode #26 - The Lost Thought was one such poem. I always think of balls of yarn rolling away from me when I lose a thought. This poem by Arun Sagar is a similar one - about having a conversation so engrossing, so removed from the outside world that it subsumes you as you have it but also after when the chaos and distraction of real life subside. Listen in!   The poems I read today are from the links - https://www.instagram.com/p/CCSAcZFJBbA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link The host, Ravneet Bawa as -   @one_third_above on Instagram   @maikeya on Twitter   Email: ravneet_bawa@icloud.com               Disclaimer: This podcast is created for sharing with friends and family, and only as a passion project amidst the Covid lockdown with no commercial interest. In all episodes I read from sources on the public internet or copies of books I possess. The commentary is all my own.

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