#8 - Amrita Pritam's everlasting ode to in between loves

In this episode, I read - "Empty Space" by Amrita Pritam. I read the original in Hindi-Punjabi titled 'Khali Jagah' and then the English translation. The poem is an ode to Sahir and an essence of what their relationship was. In a few simple lines, Amrita covers the agony of many years, and a migration across a country border. That is the power of words and verse, you can travel across time and place, and take the reader or the listener with you in a matter of minutes. Don't look at the brevity and simplicity of this poem as anything but Amrita Pritam's genius - the relationship she puts across was complicated af (how is af not in the Webster's yet?) Listen in. I read from the website of the Poetry Foundation and Amar Ujala here -  https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/54736/empty-space https://www.amarujala.com/kavya/irshaad/amrita-pritam-nazm-khali-jagah Bonus reading link: https://scroll.in/reel/819201/the-unspoken-passion-of-sahir-ludhianvi-and-amrita-pritam The host, Ravneet Bawa as -   @one_third_above on Instagram   @maikeya on Twitter   Email: ravneet_bawa@icloud.com  Disclaimer: This podcast is created for sharing with friends and family, and only as a passion project amidst the Covid lockdown with no commercial interest. In all cases I read only from sources on the public internet or copies of books I possess.

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