Riled about Judge Judy and Tito’s Vodka (#notsponsored)

This episode takes a lot of turns. We start out by analyzing Matt’s recent farting activity, get real deep about anxiety, discuss what it means to be “ugly hot” versus “hot ugly,” and then circle right back around to farts. It’s a real rollercoaster over here, Riled Uppers. The hosts also go off on a tangent about just how much they love Tito’s Vodka, and you better believe Tito’s owes us some money over here or at least free vodka for life because this was not sponsored content. Or was it? You’re never going to know. (Just kidding, it’s not an ad.) Arielle and Matt are also revealing their Bridgerton names, discussing their favorite past video games, and answering a question that no one knew they needed the answer to: have you ever punched yourself in the face? Plus, a new round of fan questions (during which Arielle ends up accidentally imitating a child)! Until next week, cuties.   You can find Arielle on the 'gram @Arielle and Matt @MattCutshall. Please be sure to rate, review, and follow so we can continue to get riled!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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