Our Gift to the Gulf - Podcast

Your part in protecting and improving the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park for future generations. The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, New Zealand's only marine park, turns 20 years old this year. To celebrate, we reflect on the riches it has provided to the people of Tāmaki Makaurau, New Zealand and international visitors. It’s a place of rich beauty and great adventure. The Gulf is home to 25 species of whale and dolphin and is a global seabird hotspot with 26 species resting and nesting here. There are over 45 predator-free Gulf islands that provide sanctuary for some of our country’s most endangered wildlife including kokako, kiwi and tuatara. Tīkapa Moana is recognised as a precious taonga (treasure), highly valued by many for cultural, environmental, social, recreational and economic reasons. However, as we commemorate the 20th birthday, we also reflect on the impact humans have had on our cherished Marine Park. The once mighty ecosystem is suffering from the decimation of shellfish beds, decreasing fish stocks, a seabed littered with plastic, sediment issues and increased pressure from development and tourism. We all have a responsibility to ensure our actions support and improve the mauri of the Gulf. The next 20 years need to embody regeneration and renewal, not degradation, to ensure the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is safeguarded for future generations – it’s our gift to the Gulf.

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