How The Church Has Failed Women With Best-Selling Author Grace Valentine

I’m joined by Grace Valentine, the twenty-six year old best-selling author who’s on a mission to help women live boldly and navigate challenges within college life, relationships, and body image through a Christian lens. Grace and I chat about why she feels Christianity and the church has failed women and how she learned to trust churches again. We discuss how we can let Jesus guide our lives and embody God’s plan. Plus, Grace talks about how she became a published author and her tips for other people who want to do the same.  IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT: What Grace means when she refers to “toxic Christian culture” Empowered women in the Bible  The importance of modeling your faith for your children  Why Grace is so passionate about helping Christian women heal their relationship with their body  Building a legacy of love  Grace’s experience with writing and working with a publisher  CONNECT WITH GRACE Follow Grace on Instagram: (@thegracevalentine) Follow Grace on TikTok: (@thegracevalentine) Order Grace's Book: (What Will They Think?: Nine Women in the Bible Who Can Help You Live Your Life Boldly ) CONNECT WITH CAYLA Follow Mommy Millionaire: ( Follow Cayla: (@cayla.craft) Visit the Mommy Millionaire website: (

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