The Stack: Superman And The Authority, Moon Knight And More

On this week's comic book review Stack: Superman and the Authority #1 DC Comics Written by Grant Morrison Art by Mikel Janín Moon Knight #1 Marvel Written by Jed MacKay Art by Alessandro Cappuccio Mother of Madness #1 Image Comics Written & Created by Emilia Clarke & Marguerite Bennet Art by Leila Leiz Blue and Gold #1 DC Comics Written by Dan Jurgens Art by Ryan Sook Thor Annual #1 Marvel By Aaron Kuder Syphon #1 Image Comics Story by Mohsen Ashraf Written by Patrick Meaney & Mohsen Ashraf Art by Jeff Edwards Shazam #1 DC Comics Written by Tim Sheridan Art by Clayton Henry Home Sick Pilots #7 Image Comics Written by Dan Watters Art by Caspar Wijngaard X-Men Legends #5 Written by Peter David Art by Todd Nauck Chu #6 Image Comics Written by John Layman Art by Dan Boultwood Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #2 DC Comics Written by Tom King Art by Bilquis Evely Undiscovered Country #14 Image Comics Written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Leonardo Marcello Grassi Nightwing #82 DC Comics Written by Tom Taylor Art by Bruno Redondo, Rick Leonardi and Neil Edwards Radiant Black #6 Image Comics Written by Kyle Higgins Art by Darko Lafuente Dark Blood #1 BOOM! Studios Written by Latoya Morgan Art by Walt Barna Deadly Class #47 Image Comics Written by Rick Remender Art by Wes Craig The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #4 BOOM! Studios Written by Ram V Art by Filipe Andrade Shadecraft #5 Image Comics Written by Joe Henderson Art by Lee Garbett Save Yourself #2 BOOM! Box Written by Bones Leopard Art by Kelly & Nichole Matthews Home #4 Image Comics Written by Julio Anta Art by Anna Wieszczyk Black Hammer Reborn #2 Dark Horse Comics Written by Jeff Lemire Art by Caitlin Yarsky Time Before Time #3 Image Comics Written by Declan Shalvey & Rory McConville Art by Joe Palmer Bermuda #1 IDW Written and Letters by John Layman Art by Nick Bradshaw Compass #2 Image Comics Written by Robert MacKenzie & David Walker Art by Justin Greenwood SUBSCRIBE ON RSS, ITUNES, ANDROID, SPOTIFY, STITCHER OR THE APP OF YOUR CHOICE. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK. SUPPORT OUR SHOWS ON PATREON. Don't forget to go to and use the promo code FANSIDED20 to get 20% OFF YOUR ORDER AND FREE SHIPPING! Support the show: See for privacy information.

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