#110 Beating Brain Fog with Dr Sabina Brennan PhD

Brain fog is one of the commonest symptoms I come across as a doctor in primary care, yet the least understood. 

On today’s podcast I speak with Dr Sabina Brennan PhD about her incredible career from Soaps to Science and everything to do with brain fog.

Dr Sabina is a chartered health psychologist (C.Psychol.,PsSI.), neuroscientist (PhD), host of the Super Brain podcast and best-selling author. Her new book Beating Brain Fog (Orion Spring) takes your symptoms seriously and shows that you don't have to live with them.

On today’s Pod you will learn:

  • Why teenage brains explain their lack of inhibition
  • Loneliness and its relationship with poor cognition
  • What Brain Fog is
  • How it can occur as a result of Hormone fluctuations, Oestrogen, pregnancy
  • The relationship with Inflammation and viral infections
  • The concept of neuroplasticity and the difference between Brain vs cognitive reserve 
  • Pain its association with BDNF and fog
  • Why Dr Brennan prescribes smiling 5x a day

I loved this episode and Sabina is such a fantastic communicator and her mission to get everyone looking after their brain health as routinely as they brush their teeth. 

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