Ep 19 - "Soup"

"Somebody has to do something. It's crazy that we've got people that want to work and there is no job."

We talk with Suzi and Lucas, two soup chefs who have found meaningful work, #livingwage and a welcoming community at The Raw Carrot. We also hear from The Raw Carrot co-found Rebecca Sherbino. Find out how one bowl of soup can change the world.

The Raw Carrot https://therawcarrot.com/

How to Buy Soup https://therawcarrot.com/where-to-buy/

Raw Carrot Volunteer https://therawcarrot.com/get-involved/volunteer-with-raw-carrot/

Open Letter: Premiere Ford, Double Social Assistance Rates Now! https://incomesecurity.org/open-letter-premier-ford-double-social-assistance-rates-now/

Sponsored by Kindred Credit Union

Edited by Christen Kong

Mixed by Francois Goudrealt of Hello Francy Sound and Music

Original music by Brian MacMillan
Artwork by Jesse Bergen

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