Ep 7: Ashleigh and Rachel get in a fight over squats

This one is spicy! In this Q&A episode, Rachel and Ashleigh start out by discussing workout and exercise order selection, but then dive deep into a fun, but respectful, debate about whether or not you should “pre-exhaust” your muscles before doing your big lifts, or whether you should keep it simple and do the big, challenging lifts first and exhaust your muscles at the end.

They also get into whether more people could benefit from machine-assisted movements or if we should prioritize old-school compound lifts with barbells. Wherever you fall in this debate, it’s a good lesson that there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and that the best approach is the one that works for you.

The ladies also decide to come up with a Spotify workout playlist – if you want to send in your suggestions, email your fave songs to musclescience4women@gmail.com

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