Can Minimalism and Eco-Friendly Living Co-Exist? - Episode 064

Minimalism and environmentalism, while sometimes at odds—make for a powerful dual-value lifestyle that fights the good fight against consumerism. In this conversation, we share some interesting statistics, like how many things we own versus the household average, before diving into some actionable tips to help you along your eco-minimalism journey. This episode is brought to you by Bhumi. Bhumi is a bedding, bath, and apparel brand that uses organic cotton and fair trade practices. Browse their full range at Use discount code MINIMALISTVEGAN at checkout to get 25% off storewide. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Looking for more? Submit your question or topic suggestion at Visit the show notes at Check out our new cooking show on YouTube Follow us on Instagram @theminimalistvegan Email us at

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