In A Creative Block? Tips For How To Push Through

As an entrepreneur, it’s so hard to work those seasons when we don’t feel creative. I break down the top factors that cause creativity blocks, how to find places in your life and business to automate, and what I do to get excited about the work that I do every day. I explain what time blocking is and how I use it to streamline my schedule and make space for things that light me up. I also talk about how to work through the fear of being a beginner and why it’s so important to ditch the narrative that you’re not a creative person.  IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT: Finding your safe space to be creative  Tools for getting present and really living in the now How to set your team up for success so that your business flows  Connecting to the passion and reason behind why you want to be creative  A great journaling exercise to do if you feel overwhelmed by the never-ending business idea list in your head  CONNECT WITH CAYLA Follow Mommy Millionaire: ( Follow Cayla: (@cayla.craft) Visit the Mommy Millionaire website: (

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