11: Eat, Sleep , Innovate with Scott Anthony

According to KPMG, companies are increasingly integrating innovation efforts with strategy and transformation initiatives. Companies with more mature innovation processes were significantly more likely to have innovation activities integrated or collaborating with their strategy (81 percent vs. 56 percent), corporate development/MaA (48 percent vs. 29 percent), and corporate venture capital (62 percent vs. 30 percent) teams, versus the overall respondent pool. Companies have an opportunity to develop the right strategies and approaches to successfully scale innovation and align imperatives with other groups across the business. The legendary professor Clay Christensen was at Harvard Business School when young Scott Anthony took a class that changed his career trajectory. He is a partner at the firm INNOSIGHT that Christensen started. In the recent book ‘Eat, Sleep, Innovate’ the four co-authors document insights about how to build a culture of innovation. Listen to that conversation. 

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