10: Brands are Not B2B or B2C, they are Human to Human

We live in a reputation economy. Visibility creates opportunities and reputation builds trust. Submitting a resume to a job board, or cold calling randomly, will increasingly become ineffective until it simply doesn't work at all. On the other hand, building an online presence and managing your reputation (like a brand) will become increasing effective and yield strong results.Brands have to appeal to the head through the financial performance and growth graphs. They appeal to the heart by what the leaders say and do inside the organisation and outside. The brand of the organization is shaped most powerfully by the employees. Influencer marketing is more important for B2B than for B2C. After all, the average purchase size in B2B typically dwarfs that in B2C, and the impact of referrals and word of mouth are more critical to the success of the organization.Rani Mani heads Employee Advocacy for Adobe worldwide. She manages the Influencers who also amplify the Adobe brand. In this chat, she tells us why organisations need to leverage Influencers. Don't miss it.

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