HORMONES: How to Balance & Manage Yours - A Top 10 Episode with T.S. Wiley

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This new series revisits the Top 10 Bulletproof Radio episodes of all time. The topics cover essentials like nutrition, energy, hormones, sleep and autophagy, as well as gut, brain, autoimmune and women's health.

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T.S. Wiley takes the No. 4 spot with: How To Have The Hormones of a 20-Year-Old: T.S. Wiley #508

T.S. Wiley has been conducting research on aging, cancer, sleep, hormones and more for decades. She’s a researcher, a medical theorist, and an author of the books “Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival” and “Sex, Lies, and Menopause: The Shocking Truth About Synthetic Hormones and the Benefits of Natural Alternatives.” In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, the conversation covers why it’s important to manage your hormones.

Hormones keep your body in homeostasis, and when they’re out of whack, well, so are you. She’s the creator of the Wiley Protocol, which uses natural topical hormones to restore sleep, memory, libido, a quiet immune system and pain-free days and nights for both men and women. 

Her study of hormones is connected to genomics, epigenetics, your surrounding environment, the larger environment and bacteria. She explains why she developed the protocol and the impacts hormones have on our whole health, such as in cancer treatment, restoring brain function, and more.

This episode will help you understand more about the ways you can control your external environment in order to improve our body’s internal processes. Here’s what T.S. Wiley has to say:

  • “Everything in my head is connected, and you can't explain one discipline separately. You can't talk about hormones if you can't talk about the genes they’re turning on and off. You can't talk about genomics unless you talk about epigenetics, which is the environment turning things on and off, and now, it's very obvious to me in the new work I've done that it's all about the bacteria who own the planet. You have to realize they've been here for three billion years. They made us, and the plants, and the fish, and the birds because they wanted to walk.”
  • “What the hell happened to my libido? I have a raging libido, and it was just gone one day. I thought, “I need hormones. I got to figure this out.” I read everything I could and nothing made sense, and I basically went to the notion that if you were going to put back something that you've lost, like insulin in a Type 1 diabetic, you would want to put it back the way you had it. Type 1 diabetics, of course, take insulin depending on their blood sugar after they eat, whatever they eat. They measure it all the time because that's the best they can do to replicate how the body would respond.”
  • “There's two immune systems. There's the one in your gut that is defense, that keeps their cousins out. That keeps you from a getting a cold. Then, there's the one that belongs to the planet, also, unfortunately in your gut and in every plant and everything, and that's autoimmunity. That's what takes you out.” 

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