Jackie Thomson (@jtthomson) on when to partner with a PR firm and the value they provide for your brand

We’re already nearly halfway through Season 5! Up until now, we’ve talked with content creators, product-based businesses, a social media strategy expert, and a director of influencer and brand partnerships at a major affiliate company. All amazing guests! And we’re continuing that trend with today’s guest. 

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Jackie Thomson, a partner at Leapfrog PR to talk about what, exactly, a PR agency can do for brands and the value they bring to that partnership. We talk about:

  • •  The multi-faceted, personalized PR approach Leapfrog implements

  • •  The simple but very important questions to ask brands at the beginning of a partnership

  • •  How long it takes to see the success of working with a PR firm and what that investment looks like

  • •  How brands know they’re ready to hire a PR firm like Leapfrog

  • •  ..And so much more!

Jackie has extensive experience and wide-ranging interest in fashion and lifestyle brands that drives Leapfrog’s expertise in the fields of fashion, interiors, retail and wellness. She promotes both established brands and new talent, and through her wide network, adeptly organizes events that connect entrepreneurs, influencers and designers around the US. Beyond traditional PR, Jackie enjoys honing brand strategy, creating content for owned media and directing market positioning with long-term clients. 

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