521: The Power of Encouragement

Today on The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about the power of encouragement. Running a business is difficult. Every entrepreneur knows this. Difficult times are going to arise and sometimes, all we need is a bit of encouragement to get over these difficult times. In today’s episode of the show, Steli and Hiten talk about the concept of encouraging others, why it’s so powerful,  why some people are better at it than others and much more. Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:00 About today’s topic 00:39 Why this topic was chosen. 02:03 An example of a fascinating Muay Thai trainer. 04:36 Hiten’s thoughts around encouragement. 05:07 How humans can be really insecure beings. 06:05 How humans are terrible at recognising when someone needs encouragement. 07:17 How talking things out can give us encouragement. 08:15 How encouragement is an interesting concept. 08:50 Why it’s important to become aware when someone needs encouragement. 09:32 The importance of encouraging each other. 3 Key Points: Sometimes I can be quite critical with people and with myself.I think anyone can use encouragement, in both ways.Become aware when someone needs encouragement, and when you need it as well. [0:00:00] Steli Efti: Hey everybody, this is Steli Efti. [0:00:02] Hiten Shah: And this is Hiten Shah. [0:00:04] Steli Efti: And today on The Startup Chat, we're going to talk about the power of encouragement. And here's the reason why I want to talk to you about this, Hiten. Well, there's many reasons I want to talk to you about this. I think recently, I just saw something on social media that talked about, it doesn't cost you a lot to be encouraging, but you could change somebody's entire life. And there was some story attached to that that was beautiful, inspiring. And it made me think, how powerful encouraging others can be and how that's still something that, in some ways I do a lot of in my life, but in other ways, I always feel like I'm not doing enough of, right? And sometimes I even have a difficult time because I can be quite critical with people as I'm with myself. So, just wanted to talk about this concept of encouraging others. Why is it so powerful? How do you do it and how do some people do it so well? I'll give one other example that kind of has been lingering in the back of my mind. I think that plus seeing that story connected the dots in a way that made me think, I want to talk to Hiten about this. I'm sure he has something incredible to say and we'll have a great discussion and I'll learn a ton of things. So, people know that I'm crazy about martial arts. I'm a huge fan of Muay Thai, which is kind of the Thai-style Kickboxing. And so, there's this guy, there's many old legends of Muay Thai in Thailand, these older gentleman that used to be in the sixties, kind of the Muhammad Alis and kind of the superstars of the sport. There's one of those guys, his name is Dieselnoi, who was a legend, unbeaten, this crazy legendary figure, but then sort of became forgotten, right? Because it's not like with boxing, where it's a worldwide audience and if you're a superstar, everybody in the world knows you. And so in Thailand just kind of became forgotten and eventually a Westerner that I'm friends with, she kind of discovered him and started training with him, bringing him into gyms, promoting him heavily, creating video content around him, sharing kind of who he is with the world and kind of helped him rise up again in status in Thailand. And all these Westerners come now to train with him and he's making a ton of money and he's getting recognition and he's living a much happier life. The one thing that I found really fascinating about this guy is that when you see him train people, and this is something that people also shared about and talked about that had trained with him multiple times,

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