How to Overcome Burnout with Nour Khatib [Student Highlight]

Have you ever experienced burnout? Nour Khatib has — and she's here to tell you how to overcome it.

As an ER doctor that walked through the global pandemic with colleagues and patients, Nour has seen first-hand the toll of burnout. You’d be surprised to learn that she’s a medical school dropout who experienced her burnout as a young student that pivoted to earning a business degree. It was here that she found her passion for speaking yet she continued to feel as though something was still missing. Her unique and incredible journey brought her to where she is today and she’s sharing all the ins and outs!

Nour wants to help others address their “missing piece” so they can live out their passion through lived experience, education, and a keen ability to avoid and manage feelings of burnout. She’s got incredible insight to share on how she’s helping others identify the red flags of burnout in their careers and how her mindset became her mission to impact others. Nour’s story will inspire you to overcome burnout and rediscover why you love what you do!

Here's what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to identify burnout
  • The trajectory of productivity and morale amid burnout
  • How The Speaker Lab helped her take the next step
  • Why persistence and consistency matter
  • Why you need to give speaking a real shot
  • When to take the first step – and how!
  • Why you should invest in yourself
  • And much more!

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