How To Stay Alive: Secrets From the Foremost Special Operators--Dan Schilling

My guest today is Dan Schilling who spent more than 30 years in the military, primarily as a Combat Controller and Special Tactics Officer. His numerous combat deployments have taken him around the world and include Operation Gothic Serpent, known as Black Hawk Down, where he is credited with saving the lives of a Ranger and SEAL Team Six member while under fire. He later founded and then served as the first commander of two special operations squadrons, one of which’s name and purpose remains classified.  He also holds the  World Record for most BASE jumps in 24 hours (201), which he conducted to benefit children who’ve lost a parent in special operations  Dan is now a full-time writer of both fiction and nonfiction. Sign up for my newsletter for a few ideas and tools to help you grow--occasional patch giveaways as well. You can sign up here. LinkedIn-- Justin Hasard LeeInstagram-- @justinfighterpilotFacebook--@justinfighterpilotYou can review the show by tapping here and scrolling to the bottom where it says: "Write a Review." Thanks for the support ????This episode was edited by Trevor Cabler

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