Creepshow vol 3 (w/ Patrick H. Willems)

The tide is high but we are holding on for the next volume of CREEPSHOW, talking Something To Tide You Over with filmmaker, YouTuber, and Returning Champion, Patrick H. Willems!! Along the way, we discuss the artistic merits of fart machines, consider AV snobbery, formulate some sand burial escape plans, fawn over Leslie Nielsen, and discover our secret connection to Ted Danson and the BJ & the Bear Universe! All this, plus we expand Choose Your Own Deathventure to include near Creepshow-like deaths we encounter in real life, and we finally outline Patrick (Hamilton’s) policy on getting naked in front of house plants! It’s a very revealing episode of Kill By Kill you’ve got to soak up immediately!!


This episode of the Kill By Kill podcast is brought to you in part by The Visitor, the latest horror-thriller film from Blumhouse Productions. When Robert and his wife Maia move back into her childhood home, he discovers an old portrait of a man with his likeness - a man referred to only as 'The Visitor'. Soon he finds himself descending down a frightening rabbit hole in an attempt to discover the true identity of his mysterious doppelgänger, only to realize that every family has its own terrifying secrets. The Visitor is available to buy or rent on digital now.


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