3 Best Opportunities For 2020 Startups

In this episode, Jayme will share a conversation that he had with dentistry’s top attorney and one of the top thought leaders in dentistry, about 3 best opportunities for 2020 startups in dentistry. A lot of associate dentists are wondering whether dental startups are too risky in the current economy because people are going through huge financial problems, but Jayme feels that the 3 opportunities are the best that he’s seen in over a decade. They include opportunities in real estate, construction budgets, and new patient acquisition. To discover those opportunities, Jayme and his team compared the realities in today's Coronavirus economic situation to the financial crisis of the 2008-2009 financial meltdown. During that 2008-2009 period, startups had some of the biggest financial opportunities, and Jayme will share some of the similarities that he and his team are seeing roll out right now. They actually just recently helped one of their high-level consulting clients tap into that to get 30 months of free rent. The real estate opportunities available right now as part of the 3 best opportunities for 2020 startups are mainly in the area of being able to negotiate with landlords for free construction or rent because landlords will be desperately looking for stable tenants. That’s due to the fact that a lot of businesses will have to close shop due to the financial mess caused by the tanking economy.  Jayme predicts that even the construction costs for new startup practices will be lower than actually buying an existing practice because contractors are going to reduce their prices by up to 50% in order for their businesses to survive. That price drop will only last a few months and so associate dentists who are looking to set up a new practice should take advantage of them right now. Stay tuned to listen to the research that reveals opportunities likely to be better than any we’ve seen in the last decade, and the fact that associate dentists who are prepared now will get a career of benefits for their startup practices.  Key Points Discussed: Getting 30 free months of rent and the biggest opportunities startups have right now (01:40) How startups impact communities and enable doctors to pre-plan and determine the reputation they want in a community (05:55) The opportunity that associate dentists will have to negotiate with landlords (11:02) The expected dramatic drop in construction costs countrywide and what that means for startup practices (15:55) The misconception that it's going to be easier for established and large practices to weather the storm (20:50) The opportunity for dental startups that will have established infection control, PPE, and sterilization protocols (25:23) The difference between opportunity and opportunism (29:49) The current increase in funding from banks for dental startups (32:31) Additional Resources: www.IdealPractices.com/Free The StartUp Crew Facebook Group For Associate Dentists Ideal Practices Website www.IdealPractices.com/13 www.StartupDentistPodcast.com

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