499: Build a Profitable Agency – Part 4: Creating Processes and Automating Everything

So, you've figured out your flagship service. Great! After following what we covered in the last episode, on pricing and packaging, you now have a strong offer that converts. Most of the clients you attract accept the offer you're making. Awesome! Since we know we have something that works, now it's time to automate it. (Important note: You want to automate what works. Don't automate what doesn't work! If you don't have a flagship service, or you don't have an offer, or you're not getting clients, or the majority of clients you're attracting are not accepting the offer you're making, DON'T AUTOMATE. Go back and fix the previous steps first.) Remember, automation is powerful. If you're already heading in the right direction, automating is your best friend. But if you're heading in the wrong direction automation is your worst nightmare. The word "automate" may make you think of robots or machines. But while tools, software, macros, and algorithms are great, there's another way you can automate that involves zero coding: Creating processes. Processes are a group of steps that make up a procedure for performing some kind of task. It’s how you do your work. If you create a process for how you do your work, you can hand off that process to another person and they can do your work for you. Automation isn't limited to things that robots do. Automation includes processes for things that humans can do as well! We'll be covering: • Who creates processes • What processes to create • Why to create processes • Where processes live • When to create processes • How to create processes Essentially: make money while you sleep.

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