495: We’re Back! A New Series to Help You Make Money

Sean is back on the seanwes podcast! Today we’re sharing a special episode of our members-only QaA show, Fired Up Mondays, where Sean joins Dan to tell us what he’s been up to on his sabbatical year. We also announce an exciting new series starting in the NEXT episode called “Build a Profitable Agency”. We’ll take you inside how we’re building seanwes media from the ground up. You don’t want to miss this! Aside from these announcements, we cover some great great questions from the Community members this week! Members get to experience Fired Up Mondays every single week, but we’re excited to share this particular episode with you publicly. Here are some of the questions we cover in this episode: • How do you use Value-Based Pricing effectively if your value-based price is for a year of work, but you bill in monthly installments? • How do you handle the disconnect between the value of the year-long work and the billing structure? • How do you balance long-term investment in your business with your short-term well-being? • How do you set goals when it’s not yet clear what you’re building towards? • How do you balance reading, continuing education, and self-investment with doing the actual work?

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