494: Sabbatical Episode: You Dont Have to Finish Books

I was just about to eat lunch, but I have to record this. My wife Laci was sitting on the couch and looking kind of down and I said, "What's going on?" She said, "The book that I'm reading just really isn't that interesting. It's really hard to get through." And she looked kind of dejected, like she was required to finish this book. And I said, skip it. Move on to the next book. If you spent the rest of your life reading non-stop—you didn't sleep, or eat, or drink; you just read books—you wouldn't even be able to read all of the books that were published this year, let alone all the books in the world. Most books, they're actually not that great. Very few books are excellent and worth your time, and if you spent the rest of your life reading only the excellent books, you still couldn't get through them all. So don't feel guilty. It's the book's job to grab your attention and pull you through. And if it's not doing that, move on to the next book.

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