0106 Jesse Horwitz - From 0 to Nine-Figures, How Jesse Horwitz Built a DTC Giant

Today’s topics: (1:01) Moiz introduces Jesse Horwitz, founder and CEO of DTC contacts brand, Hubble. (03:02) Jesse explains the origins of Hubble. (05:57) Hubble soft launched, collected about 2,000 emails and began shopping the idea to investors. (06:45) Hubble raised $3.5M in May 2016, $3.7M in October and launched in November. (08:20) Jesse explains the process of procuring manufacturing partners. (21:02) Jesse discusses Hubble’s early advertising and where it was deployed. (16:00) Moiz tells the story of how Instacart got into Y Combinator by sending their interviewer a case of beer. (18:35) Hubble has diversified customer acquisition channels, but Facebook is still number one. TV and search are two and three. (21:32) Jesse reflects on how DTC brands are a product of Facebook just like TV content was created by the likes of PaG. (23:12) Hubble uses “pay-per-ticket” to verify prescriptions. An outsourced team of agents race to verify the preseptions. (28:20) Jesse discusses Hubble’s customer service operations. (31:40) Hubble outsources media buying. Jesse discusses how this is helpful and hurtful. (34:10) Jesse discusses the state of Hubble finances. It’s breakeven and still has cash in the bank. (39:10) Jesse gives his opinion on secondaries and taking money off the table. Hubble offers this to employees as well. (41:40) Jesse’s goal is to build a great business and be in control of their own destiny. (43:40) Jesse explains the venture capital cycle and its impact on funding. (49:00) Moiz asks, how should startups prepare for the economic downturn? (57:20) Jesse has been working with Andrew Yang to help with his fundraising efforts. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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