0105 Paul Tran - How Manscaped Created a Nine-Figure Business by Inventing and Dominating the Pubic Grooming Industry

(0:57) Moiz introduces Paul Tran, the CEO and founder of Manscaped, founded in 2016. Manscaped sells grooming products (3:25) Paul discusses the ages and gender of Manscaped’s customers (5:40) Paul talks about the lack of options in the pubic grooming space for men. Manscape capitalized on a white-space (9:10) What goes into creating the actual products (the “Lawnmower”). Manscaped sees itself as both a hardware and software company (13:40) All marketing, development, etc. are done inhouse at Manscaped. No agencies are used. They want to be super knowledgeable about all aspects of the business. Has 72 employees. (16:05) Paul reveals the origins of Manscaped’s marketing and branding (22:10) Paul talks about the challenges of scaling outside of Facebook and Google (29:20) Getting the messaging right and the initial growth of Manscaped. (33:40) Which messaging didn’t work initially? (36:18) Paul talks about the importance of running your marketing. (38:00) How to succeed being bootstrapped and the issues with raising venture too early. (44:50) What does Manscaped’s acquisition channel mix look like today? (47:55) Paul explains how roles are organized at Manscaped and the importance of hiring. (53:10) What are failures Manscaped has run into? (57:12) Paul talks about the move into brick and mortar. (58:18) There is a certain amount of seasonality in DTC, Paul explains when they see the biggest bumps. (59:55) Paul discusses using influencer marketing and how to get the most out of it. Paul suggests avoiding micro-influencers since you get limited data from them? (1:03:40) What is your (Paul’s) goal with the business? Paul thinks about creating a multi-generational business instead of one built solely for being acquired. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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