RL 120: Jessica Hylton-Leckie — From Law to Food Blogging: How She Transitioned Careers and What Law Taught Her About Starting Her Business

In this episode, I am excited to have Jessica Hylton-Leckie on to talk about her journey from law to food blogging, and the resiliency of being a black female entrepreneur. Jessica is the author of the online cookbook "It's That Easy," which helps readers easily transition to a plant-based lifestyle. She is also the founder of Jessica in the Kitchen, a multi award-winning vegetarian and vegan recipe website, sharing hundreds of whole foods recipes. Jessica has been featured in numerous interviews and websites, including ESSENCE's July 2017 issue, The Huffington Post, SELF magazine, Buzzfeed, Yahoo! Food, and many more.   Topics Covered Her history in law and baking, what switching from law to food blogging looked like for her, as well as what her business model and average day looks like. How she successfully switched, unexpected challenges she came across, and how she found her tribe and community. The different aspects and skills that go into being a blogger, and how she finds herself using the skills she learned in law school in her business every day. Find out more about Jessica at: Jessica in The Kitchen website FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube     Find the 1-hour webinar on relaxing the thinking mind at jeenacho.com/podcastwebinar Questions? Comments? Email Jeena! hello@jeenacho.com. You can also connect with Jeena on Twitter: @Jeena_Cho For more information, visit: jeenacho.com Order The Anxious Lawyer book — Available in hardcover, Kindle and Audible Find Your Ease: Retreat for Lawyers I’m creating a retreat that will provide a perfect gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with an intimate group of lawyers. Interested? Please complete this form: https://jeena3.typeform.com/to/VXfIXq Free Webinar Learn to relax the mind, worry less, and decrease stress. https://jeenacho.com/podcastwebinar/ MINDFUL PAUSE: Bite-Sized Practices for Cultivating More Joy and Focus 31-day program. Spend just 6 minutes every day to practice mindfulness and meditation. Decrease stress/anxiety, increase focus and concentration. Interested? http://jeenacho.com/mindful-pause Thanks for joining us on The Resilient Lawyer podcast. If you’ve enjoyed the show, please tell a friend. It’s really the best way to grow the show. To leave us a review on iTunes, search for The Resilient Lawyer and give us your honest feedback. It goes a long way to help with our visibility when you do that so we really appreciate it. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you next week.

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