#110: Dr. David Redding | Goodfire Brewing

We took a visit to Noah’s old neighborhood to catch up with (Dr.) David Redding  --  owner of East Bayside's Goodfire Brewing... Oh, and practicing nephrologist (kidney doc). NBD.
Our conversation touches on everything from opioids to marriage hacks to the wild origin story of the brewery’s name. David reveals the kidneys as the Cl:S04 ratio of the body; Homebrew horror stories abound; Matty develops Imposter Syndrome around talking about Imposter Syndrome; and we collectively conclude that it’s a great time to go all-in on Maine. 
This was one of the most natural conversations we’ve had in memory, and a gulp from aura can do you nothing but wonders, so shotgun this hot cocoa of a convo NOW, wherever ya do it............... ...................... Music: "Mountain Climb" by Jake Hill

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