BPP 261: Alex Vita - Beginner Website Mistakes for Photographers

Alex Vita is a photographer turned web designer for photographers. After more than 10 years and hundreds of happy photographers Alex shares some of the most common mistakes, he sees from photographers starting out with their first website and shares why you need a website, even if you’re not in business.
In This Episode You'll Learn:
  • Alex’s Roots in photography
  • How Alex transitioned into web design
  • Why social media is a terrible place to host your portfolio
  • Most common mistakes photographers make with their first website
  • How you’re sabotaging your website traffic and how to fix it
  • What is a Splash Page and why it’s a bad idea for your website
  • A Perfect home page headline formula to give visitors all the info they need about you
Premium Members Also Learn:
  • The main elements a website focused on selling photography services needs over a hobbiest portfolio website
  • What factors are important to building the best website framework to please google and your potential clients
  • The perfect Lightroom / Photoshop export settings for images you want to post on your website

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