Shattered Dreams Of The Past - S1 E6 'Little Fires Everywhere' Recap & Review

This episode took place entirely in the past exposing us to everything that led Elena and Mia to where they are today. Elena finds herself back to work after having her third child, Moody. After getting excited about being back in the game, she finds out that she’s pregnant with Izzy and is not happy about it. When she had Izzy, her life was in total chaos and runs off to find her ex, Jamie. After coming to her senses a little too late, she returns home and settled with what her life will continue to be, whether she likes it or not. Meanwhile, Mia is exploring her new life in NYC with an older women, Pauline, who ends up being the photographer of the infamous bath photo. When Mia hears that the budget was cut for her college tuition, she agrees to carrying a baby for an unable couple to pay for school. While pregnant, Mia finds out about her brother, Warren, and Pauline’s separate deaths. Having to face her parents as a pregnant woman, she decided to keep the baby, Pearl. The episode ends with watching Pearl grow up in her mom’s car. Hosted By: Kay Montgomery Trina Dong Monse Bolanos Chef Beanz Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit

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