Flea Market Deep Dive | History of the Flea Market and Hideout | Is Progression Better Now? | How Much RNG is Too Much? | Exfil Episode 73 (An Escape From Tarkov Podcast)

Exfil is an Escape From Tarkov Podcast

The deep dive you all thought was coming last week.  Flea Market and the new level 20 requirement.

You may be surprised to hear the opinions of MTBtrigger and Ronal on this episode.  They cover everything from the entire history of the Flea Market to how the (possibly unintended) changes to progression are being affected by the RNG in Tarkov.

What problem is Battlestate trying to fix with this change?

Does the change help high or low playtime players more?

Many suggestions and thoughts to how the system could be modified or improved are given, but the episode is rounded out by Ronal and MTB’s opinions on systems that other games use to solve the perceived problems BSG is tackling.

All this and more in the episode! 


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