The Truth About CBD, Cannabis + Overcoming Addiction & Limitation w/ Adam Wenguer of Element Health #437

Today’s guest is Adam Wenguer, founder of Element Health – one of the leading suppliers of the highest quality full-spectrum CBD products in the world. 

After suffering serious spine and leg injuries in college, Adam was treated with pharmaceutical opioids, which led to an intense addiction. On his path to recovery, he became immersed in Zen Buddhism, health, and wellness and began a lifelong path into spirituality – one which has led to his sitting across from me on this fateful day in Austin.

In this episode, we dive deep into his personal journey to healing and awakening, touch on the ethics of hunting, discuss how he escaped a life of addiction, cover best practices for making the purest CBD, learn the language used to market it, and so much more.

Adam also gets honest (and inspirational) about his infertility journey, how a smokable ayahuasca experience led Adam to reverse his zero-sperm count and conceive a child. It’s truly magical stuff, ya’ll. You won’t want to miss this heartfelt episode about turning your life around after addiction and discovering a meaningful and purposeful life. 

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00:04:24 — Living on a Farm & Hunting Ethics
  • Why Adam moved from Miami to rural Florida
  • Luke reflecting on his hunting experience with a bore
  • Most hunters are avid environmentalists
  • Connecting with nature and hunting by hand
00:27:52 — School Violence & Opioid Addiction
  • Dealing with violence in grade school 
  • Experimentation with psychedelics 
  • Addiction to opioids from sports injuries 
  • Symptoms no one tells you about after getting clean
00:39:28 — Discovering the Divine
00:50:46 — Journey of Formulating CBD
  • Adam’s experience trying CBD for the first time
  • Mass production and CBD
  • Discovery of an old industrial strain of hemp
  • Legalization of cannabis became the gateway to CBD
  • A vessel to turn down the noise and achieve balance
  • New studies show CBD inhibits viral replication
01:08:51 — Deciphering CBD Language
  • How CBD is marketed
  • What is full-spectrum CBD and why it’s superior
  • Cannabis strains used to make CBD
  • Smokable CBD and its effects  
  • Extraction methods from least to most toxic
  • Use code LUKE for 15% off at
01:24:09 —Different Forms & Uses of CBD
  • Growing practices, organic vs. non-organic 
  • Can you use CBD for pets?
  • Indoor vs. outdoor hemp
  • What are CBG and CBN?
  • CBD gummies laced with Delta Eight THC
  • Legalization of cannabis 
  • Truth about CBD topicals 
01:54:38 —Meditation Voyages & Fertility

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