#198: Exercise Creates Bigger Brains? w/ Louisa Nicola

Louisa Nicola is a Neurophysiologist and Brain coach to elite performers. She founded Neuro Athletics which helps high performers gain an extra advantage in their field. Neuro Athletics believes that the most significant insurance policy for humans is the brain. Louisa was a world champion triathlete and raced both nationally and internationally for Australia and competed in London, Beijing, and Auckland. After retiring in 2012 Louisa followed her dreams and went to Sydney Medical school and graduated with a particular interest in neurophysiology. Louisa is the head performance advisor and CEO of Neuro Athletics. Follow Louisa on:
Key point topics and studies mentioned:
  • Strength vs. endurance exercise benefits
  • Mechanism of how exercise can benefit the hippocampus, a region in the brain that is responsible for learning and memory
  • Tips and advice to optimize aging brain health
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