Kodak Kicking Up Dust in the Community

Kodak removes photojournalist Pat Wack, photo from their Instagram account after upsetting the Chinese Communist Government when describing the images from his upcoming photo book, 'DUST,' as an Orwellian Dystopia. The photographic community is angered by the action. We break down what happened and try to make sense of Kodak's reasoning for taking the photo down. 

Jordana, Steven, & Bill are finally back together after a year and a half due to the pandemic. We cover the photo news:

  • Negative Supply's LM1 Kickstarter is fully funded in 12 Hours
  • KosmoFoto's Agent Shadow Kick Starter is Fully Funded
  • Ribsy releases his first film, "New Classic Film 400."
  • New Land Camera progress on converting old Land Cameras to take iType and Polaroid 600 film.
  • CatLabs discontinues Film 80 in 120.

We discuss Instagram CEO's message to users stating, "We're no longer a photo-sharing app," and how their focus to include video content will affect content creators.


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