Krishnamurti on Enlightenment

‘Enlightenment is not of time. It is not a process. It is not something that you gradually come to.’

This week’s episode on Enlightenment has five sections. The first extract (2:22) is from the second question and answer meeting in Ojai 1982, titled ‘What is enlightenment?’

The second extract (12:51) is from the first question and answer meeting at Brockwood Park in 1980, titled ‘The one who says, “I know,” does not know’.

The third extract (20:51) is from the fourth question and answer meeting in Saanen 1980, titled ‘Is enlightenment a matter of time?’

The fourth extract (34:43) is from the third question and answer meeting in Saanen 1981, titled ‘Is enlightenment an experience?’

The final extract (44:30) is from Krishnamurti’s sixth talk in Saanen 1979, titled ‘A light to oneself’.

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