HEROINE is back!

Hi heroine,

We are starting the new HEROINE season on Thursday, August 12th.

Today I’m releasing the teaser and announcing the line-up of a badass guests.

We are going to be focusing on the heroines at the center of these women’s books. As you can see, it’s going to get very literary and very nerdy!

The questions we get to explore: Can we learn from these heroines? Are they mirrors for ourselves? How can we apply the learnings from these characters into our own lives?

See the full-line up below, along with the books (and the heroines) we will be talking about.

Anita Kopacz, author of adult “fairytale”/historical fiction novel Shallow Waters

Gail Carriger, author of The Heroine’s Journey: For Writers, Readers, and Fans of Pop Culture

Mary H.K. Choi, author of novel Yolk

Meredith Talusan, author of memoir Fairest

Safia Elhillo, author of novel-in-verse Home is Not a Country

Angeline Boulley, author of the YA thriller Firekeeper’s Daughter

I don’t say this lightly, when I say I have one of the most interesting and creative HEROINE seasons in store for you.

These are deep, authentic, meaningful conversations here to help you make connections in your brain about your own creative work and the heroine’s journey.

Get ready to be inspired.

Interviews will begin airing on August 12th and will run until mid-September. It’ll be a short and sweet season of about 6-8 episodes so please devour them all, re-listen to them, and share them widely as they are all gifts for creative women everywhere.

Can’t wait to share these amazing interviews with you,

Talk soon!

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