iOS 560: Make Shortcuts More Powerful With These Apps - Toolbox Pro, Data Jar, HomeBot, Jayson, and more

Rosemary and Mikah show you how to empower your Shortcuts with third-party apps. If the Shortcuts app, alone, won't do what you need, there's probably a third-party app for that!


  • Apple releases iOS 14.7.1 with fix for Apple Watch unlock bug, more
  • Anker expands PowerWave lineup with its very first MagSafe charger car mount
  • Researchers Struggle to Use Apple Watch in Studies Due to Sudden Algorithm Changes
  • Apple Says Don't Buy AirTag Replacement Batteries With Bitter Coating
  • iOS 15 to Limit Siri Functionality With Third-Party Apps
  • Speck unveils four new AirTags cases including carabiner, luggage tag, more

Shortcuts Corner

  • Mikah asks for help setting up a timer Shortcut for washing his clothes and a Timezone Shortcut for determining the current time of specific people in his life.
  • Kolecki asks for help pausing music playback.


  • James is curious about default apps on iOS.

App Caps

Hosts: Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

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