#87 Ignora Ephron

Support the podkitchen and sign up for the Braised Bits patreon! patreon.com/braisedbits 00:00- 00:30 - Lance reads an ad for Summer Sanders Sandles 00:30-1:30 - The chefs kick off the episode with a Fred McRiff on kind bars. 1:30- 5:11 - The chefs reveal parm that episode 86 got 86’d and Lance chers the origin of getting 86’d. 5:11- 5:30 - Jesse reveals he has a hard out to go meet his Sisters new puppy wee herman. 5:30- 8:35 - Jesse presents meal prep from Phil Jackson regarding Lances need for speed on the highway. 8:35-11:35 - Lances highlight had him getting a lot Warrick Done on a productive Sunday of our lives. 11:35- 16:54 - Jesses highlights had him watching the Olympic womens skateboarding competition, going to a Van Gogh experience and dining with Phil Jackson and Jeannie Bus. 16:54-1:01:19 - The chefs list their top nine NYC pizza places. 1:01:19-1:06:40 - Phil Jackson and Kate predict the chefs top 9 NYC pizzas. 1:06:40-1:12:33 - Jesses QAB had him witnessing and smelling a stanky situation at his local Lou Bodega.  1:12:33- 1:17:05 - Lances QAB has him taking a scoop out of Ample Hills service quality. 1:17:06-1:18:09- The chefs bring in the closer and promote what they have coming up.

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