#67: Daniel K. Cheung

In this week’s episode, we talk with Daniel K. Cheung, SEO team lead at Prosperity Media, an SEO and Content company based in Australia, and Host of the Make SEO Simple Again Podcast. We discuss his background in speech pathology and health, his career in wedding photography, and why he eventually transitioned to digital marketing and SEO. We discuss his rise from junior SEO and content strategist and how he was able to work his way up to the team lead, talk about his best stories and so much more. For today’s core topic, we dive deep into what it’s like to run an SEO podcast, talk about how we all decided to start our podcasts, things to consider before you start a podcast, our equipment set ups and recommendations, and so much more. Finally, we read Twitter questions of the week and award some Page 2 Podcast swag! So get your popcorn ready as we tell Daniel’s SEO story and have another great roundtable discussion.

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