How to Get Motivated (especially if you work alone)

If you are your own boss, either a business owner, an artist or a freelancer, being boss is such a wonderful thing to make your dreams a reality. You can do things based on your own terms and have a life according to your rules. But as you do the work to have this all happen, at some point of your journey, you’ll start to feel a lack of motivation. Today, Emily is sharing with us some top habits and tactics to help you get motivated to do the work and be a boss of your life and your business.Watch the video of this episode here gg--Find resources for this episode in the shownotes at Join the Being Boss Community at Looking for the old 10 Minutes to Being Boss episodes?  They are now available exclusively on our website at Minutes to Being Boss is a Being Boss® Production Listen + Subscribe to the Being Boss Podcast Follow Being Boss on Instagram: @beingbossclub

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