256. BBS: What Our Last Quarter Looks Like At bossbabe

The holidays are right around the corner – that means it will be 2023 before you know it! It’s a time of year that brings quality time with friends and family, targeted marketing strategy and an important need to balance it all.  Should you discount, or not? Ramp up activity for the season or wind down to rest and recharge? Her answers might surprise you! Tune in to this quick BBS episode as Natalie shares the details on how bossbabe is executing a strong close to this year in order to jump into the next one with a plan, confidence and positive momentum. Highlights:The secret to nailing your Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer (hint–It’s not what you think!). How to work less during the holidays AND start the New Year on top. A peek into upcoming bossbabe projects! Links:Stay up to date on all of our new and upcoming offerings — https://bossbabe.com/ (bossbabe.com) Follow:bossbabe: https://www.instagram.com/bossbabe.inc (@bossbabe.inc) Natalie Ellis: https://www.instagram.com/iamnatalie/ (@iamnatalie) Mentioned in this episode: Indeed https://indeed.com/bossbabe (Start hiring NOW with a $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at Indeed.com/bossbabe) Apollo http://apolloneuro.com/bossbabe (Get $40 off the Apollo wearable at Apolloneuro.com/bossbabe.)

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