#113 Web3 Gaming????, Cricket ???? & Community ???? with HitWicket Co-Founders Kashyap Reddy & Keerti Singh

Keerti Singh & Kashyap Reddy, Co-Founders HitWicket chat with Shripati Acharya, Managing Partner Prime Venture Partners.

Listen to the podcast to learn about

02:00 - Cricket is a Game of Strategy
11:00 - Games are Where Gamers Hang Out
18:00 - India Gamers & Bharat Gamers
20:05 - Web3 Gaming: Technology,  Game Play & Tokens

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Want to learn more about Web 3 Gaming? Listen to this episode where we talk about What is Web3 Gaming; NFTs, Tokens & Monetisation; “There is No Game Without the Gameplay”; Future of Web3 Gaming: Crypto & Micro payments. 

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