Holy Hydrogen! The Most Powerful Healing Substance on Earth & How To Use It w/ Greg the Hydrogen Man #438

In today’s episode, I sit down with Greg the Hydrogen Man, molecular hydrogen therapy evangelist and host of the popular YouTube channel, Uprising144K Hydrogen Man. 

Struggling to find answers for tumors, autoimmune issues, and a heart condition, he began his own journey to heal himself and discovered hydrogen along the way. Studying the complex compound for four years, he implemented it into his health regimen and reversed his health challenges. 

Greg discusses the endless health benefits of hydrogen, how it helps protect against EMF radiation, topical application for skin problems, and marketing tricks to watch out for when shopping for generators.

He also shares his thoughts on ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and why it might not matter, the incredible benefits of adding supplements like minerals into hydrogen water, why he thinks the Lourdes Hydrofix is the best hydrogen generator on the market.

Discover for yourself what might be the most safe and powerful health hack out there!

00:14:47— Healing Power of Hydrogen
00:28:18 — Treating the Eyes with Hydrogen
00:36:49 — Hydrogen Effects on the Reproductive Cycle
  • Japan uses hydrogen for fertility challenges
  • Use of hydrogen while pregnant
  • Impact on breastfeeding
  • Anti-aging properties and menstrual cycles 
00:38:31 — Japan’s Role in Hydrogen Research
  • Discovering hydrogen in the healing waters of Lourdes
  • Japan makes the best hydrogen producing technologies
  • Backing their knowledge of molecular data
  • Yamaha involved in the building process of the Hydrofix
  • Lourdes Hydrofix: most affordable and durable
  • Using hydrogen ambulance
00:51:39 — Hydrogen Gas vs. Hydrogen Water
  • Hydrogen water works better than gas
  • Gas is good for emergencies
  • Hydrogen gas and stopping strokes
  • Benefits to using a combination of hydrogen
01:24:46 — Why the Lourdes Hydrofix Is Superior
  • Non-ionized, non-electrolyzed water
  • High-grade polymer that can withstand boiling water
  • Purest substance known to man
  • Greg on hydrogen tablets
  • Portable hydrogen units 
  • Visit lukestorey.com/holyhydrogen and use LUKE for $100 off
01:30:50 — Greg’s Ideas for the Future
  • Equipment to cure just about any disease
  • Methods to grow food that the world has never seen
  • Hydrogen enhances therapeutic benefits
  • Creating a retained hydrogen smoothie 
  • ​​Minerals are needed for electric signaling in the body
01:40:43 — Alkaline & Kangen Water
  • Alkaline and kangen water vs. hydrogen water
  • Can damage GI tract
  • Stomach acid function
  • Kangen’s role in discovering the benefits of hydrogen water
01:50:46 — What Is Brown’s Gas?
  • Brown’s gas is just electro water
  • Sodium hydroxide is the main ingredient in Drano
  • Damaging your red blood cells
  • Could use it to power planes and cars
  • Hydrogen is safe for animals
  • Hydrogen baths and therapy chambers

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