How Much Can You Do On A One Acre Homestead With Guest Jordy Buck

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, I Have A Discussion With Michigan Homesteader Jordy Buck About His Journey Into Homesteading And His One Acre Homestead.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 162 – October 28, 2022

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Jordy and I Discuss:

  • His Journey Into Homesteading.
  • Crops and Livestock He and His Family Are Growing.
  • Growing A Large Enough Garden To Feed A Family, Feed The Livestock, and Sell At The Farmers Market.
  • Crops That Can Feed His Rabbits, Chickens, and Pigs.
  • Small Pig Breeds For The Homestead.
  • His Advice For Getting Started Homesteading Affordably.
  • His Blog and YouTube Channel.
  • And More…


Jordy’s Website –

Jordy’s YouTube Channel, Homestead Knowhow –

2356 232

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